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Go-Go+ Services

Go-Go+ Services Get your Go-Go on!

Go-Go Services

The modern and stylish cats don’t have time for the countless details that need to be taken care of before and after a move. Storage A-Go-Go® knows that between your jet setting, long hours at the office and party hopping there’s just no time for setting up your pad. That’s when we get go-go-going, and help you get your new digs ready to Go-Go. Our boutique Go-Go+ Services are one-on-one Los Angeles storage services designed by you to fit your needs. Don’t pick up the hammer or the screw driver, pick up the phone. Go-Go+ Service is the extra help before or after your move to get those small details done.

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Go-Go+ Services and Storage A-Go-Go’s® Los Angeles Storage Services can be customized to fit your needs. A Go-Go Pro’s services start at only $38 per hour. For more Go-Go and larger jobs we work with our friends at NorthStar Moving.®

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