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Los Angeles Storage Unpacking Tips

Unpacking tips from Storage A-Go-Go's® Go-Go Pros!

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Give your belongings a happening welcome home by unpacking them like a Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Go-Go Pro. If you choose to unpack your own boxes, here are some pro Los Angeles storage unpacking tips.

  1. Utilize Your Los Angeles Storage Inventory List: Your Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Go-Go Pro made an inventory list of each item placed in our Los Angeles storage. While you unpack, keep this special inventory list on hand! Place it on your Eames chair or Saarinen coffee table as you unpack those bongo drums you have wanted to play. This Los Angeles storage inventory list is meant to make sure all of your boxes are accounted for.

  2. Organization is Key: Organize your Los Angeles storage boxes in each of their corresponding rooms as they return from their Los Angeles storage facility. Organizing when you pack and before you unpack your Los Angeles storage boxes will get the glowing good vibes flowing in your swanky pad.

  3. Unpack Your Essentials First: Unpacking your essentials first will help you keep your cool before enjoying cocktails with your neighbors. Unpack your necessities first before taking time to unpack your Los Angeles storage boxes in their corresponding rooms. Don’t know where your necessities are? Your Los Angeles storage inventory list can help!

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  5. Need to catch some Zzz’s: Just in case you don’t finish unpacking your Los Angeles storage boxes before it’s time to go to sleep, set up your beds and unpack linens and bed sheets after retrieving your essentials. You will get a better night’s sleep in a bed then on your shag rug.

  6. Decorate as You Unpack: Give your space your own groovy glow! Getting your lava lamps and velvet paintings hung up early will make it so your new place will begin to feel like home. Getting these items out of your Los Angeles storage early can also help you find a place to put your Barcelona chairs.

  7. Recycle
  8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Have moving supplies, boxes and household items you need to get rid of? Ask yourself if you can recycle or donate the item in question before you simply throw it away. You'll be doing your cool new pad and your community a favor. Groovy!

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Rather be partying poolside than unpacking your Los Angeles storage boxes? Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Go-Go Pros will be happy to do the unpacking and organizing for you.

Hiring your own Storage A-Go-Go® team means unpacking your Los Angeles storage boxes, organizing specific rooms and even helping you move your furniture around till the cool flows just right.

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