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Deck the halls, deck the door, what the heck, deck your entire home! Holiday decorations make the holidays festive. But, putting up decorations isn’t always so cheery.

Have a snowball fight while our Lights-A-Go-Go Pro team hangs the holiday lights
Put down that tangled mess of lights, step away from the ladder and pick up the phone. A Lights-A-Go-Go Pro can take care of hanging those festive bulbs while you sip hot chocolate.

Holiday Services Does Everything for You

A boutique Los Angeles storage service that is as unique as you are, Storage A-Go-Go® provides personalized services that you design to fit your needs. Whether you need to put up thirty-five boxes of LEDs or just want someone else who isn’t afraid of heights to get those hard-to-reach spots of your home, a Go-Go-Pro can get you go-go-going to create that perfect joyous look. Voilà and fa la la la la!

A snowman skating on the ice during the holidays
Once the season to be jolly has ended, there’s no need to break your back cleaning up all the decorations. Relax by the fireplace while your Go-Go-Pro packs up the lights, wreaths, table runners, dreidels and that 10-foot inflatable snowman your mother-in-law bought you. And if you really don’t want to see Frosty for a while, he can be driven away to storage where he won’t disrupt the feng shui of your garage.

Here’s how Lights- A-Go-Go can make your holidays simply glow bright:
  • Set-up Santa with Mrs. Claus, hang the lights and make them glow, put the reindeers in fake snow.

  • Take-down the tree, put away the lights, get rid of the glitter that lit up your nights.

  • Storage for your holiday boughs of holly and all the rest that made your home festive and jolly.

  • We can bring the winter fun back from storage and leave you to your own holiday flurry or we can hang the wreath and decorate the door while you relax by the fire’s roar.
  • Holiday Services Does Everything for You

    Make your holiday season stylish and stress-free.
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