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Organizing for Los Angeles Storage

Organize and evaluate what you want to keep before storing your items in Los Angeles storage.

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It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty, deciding what’s in and what’s out. Organizing and evaluating your pad before moving items into Los Angeles storage will save you time and peace of mind. Your Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Pro would be happy to help you get organized for pick up or delivery to our Los Angeles storage facility. Just in case you want to make a go of it yourself, Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Pros have come up with some easy tips for organizing your items before they go into our Los Angeles storage facility. Once your items are ready, our Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® inventory list will keep items organized while they reside in Los Angeles storage.

A cool cat like you has a busy schedule, so we recommend you start the evaluation process early. Go through one closet or room per weekend, leaving plenty of time for shindigs, poetry readings and jet setting.

Go-Go closet

Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Pros know how much you dig your style, but most of our unused items are in the back of our closets and wardrobes.

Steps for organizing:

  1. Grab your Martini

  2. Empty everything out of the closet onto the floor. Whether your agent 99 or 85, a little chaos is needed before you get control.

  3. Divide your items into 4 piles: “keep,” “give away,” “throw away,” and “Los Angeles storage.”

  4. Ask yourself: “When was the last time I wore or used this?”

Go-Go Services

As you evaluate other rooms, store items in our Los Angeles storage facility you haven’t used, don’t need or can live without. No worries if some items go into our Los Angeles storage facility and if you change your mind, your Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Pros™ can easily review our LA storage inventory list and bring items from our Los Angeles storage facility to your home as you need.

That’s boutique Los Angeles storage for you!

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