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Recycle & Donate

Recycle & Donate before moving into Los Angeles storage.


You’re moving your groovy gadgets into Los Angeles storage but what about all of your unwanted items? Save space in your Los Angeles storage vault by recycling unused items. Here are some great ideas from Los Angeles storage Go-Go Pros for easy recycling:

Recycle unwanted furniture

Recycle unwanted electronics Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® style with E-cycle Environmental. Instead of moving your old VCRs and boom boxes in Los Angeles storage, make sure they are recycled domestically and safely with E-cycle Environmental.

Recycle unwanted furniture Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® style with Habitat for Humanity. All the groovy cats out there are doing it. Instead of throwing out your out-of-style bubble chair, help find it a good home. Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® works with Habitat for Humanity to recycle your unwanted furniture into new homes for families in need.

Recycle unwanted clothing

Recycle unwanted clothing Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® style with Goodwill of Southern California. Make space in your new closet for new items! Organize a special pile of unwanted clothes for the Goodwill of Southern California.

Donate unwanted food items Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® style with Move For Hunger.

Moving your kitchen into Los Angeles storage? Fondue set can go into Los Angeles storage. Your unused cans can be picked up for donation to local food banks. Ask your Los Angeles Storage A-Go-Go® Pro for a moving box to pack unwanted items.

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